What Is MDF Crown molding?

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a composite wood product made from sawdust, resin and wax that is fabricated into panels using pressure and high temperatures. It's used frequently around the home, from flooring to cabinetry and furniture. A smooth finish and strength make it a popular choice for DIY carpenters and pros alike, especially for crown molding.

Crown molding made from MDF is more affordable than solid wood, and looks nearly the same when painted. It's installed the same way as solid wood crown molding, requiring the use of a power saw. Unlike solid wood, ultralight MDF is prone to dents and scratches if not handled properly.

Is Medium-Density Fiberboard Right for Me?

Crown molding adds an elegant architectural touch that helps your home feel well-crafted and sophisticated. But whether adding MDF crown molding is the right DIY project for you depends on a few factors:

  • How much time are you willing to invest? You will need to buy or learn how to use power equipment, such as large saws.
  • Will you have help during installation? Crown molding is heavy and often requires two people for installation.

If you're comfortable making precise cuts with power saws, have plenty of extra material on hand in case of mistakes and are willing to spend a weekend measuring, cutting and installing, MDF crown molding can add tremendous value to your home.

To complete an MDF crown molding installation, you'll need several pieces of power equipment on hand, including:

  • A compound miter saw: Compound miter saws make angled crosscuts and are suitable for thicker materials such as medium-density fiberboard.
  • A coping saw: Coping saws help cut corners that a compound miter saw cannot.
  • A stud finder: You'll need to know where to nail your molding.
  • A nail gun: Nail guns make installing molding faster.
If you don't have power equipment on hand or aren't sure how to use it, consider Focal Point Products.

What's the Best Crown molding Option?

Since 1970, Focal Point Products has manufactured easy-to-install crown molding that looks beautiful and lasts for years. When you choose Focal Point crown molding products, you can:

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  • Install multi-piece crown molding with no tools and no experience.
  • Elevate the look of your home for less money and in less time.

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