You likely want your bedroom to feel cozy and orderly, as those qualities can go a long way in helping with relaxation.

Some key architectural embellishments can bring your room to life, and the crown moldings from Focal Point Products can fit that need well.

Crown Molding Kits For Bedrooms

Our kits can help to increase the cohesiveness of your bedroom by marrying the ceilings and the walls together.  If you're looking for a simple crown molding idea for your bedroom, look no further than the DIY installation kits we offer.  Our bedroom crown molding kits include everything you'll need to install crown molding, minus a few common household tools.

You can easily paint our moldings in any color you'd like to match your bedroom's scheme. The polyurethane we use is top tier, and it will hold shades well while emulating the professional look of wood and plaster moldings. It's a durable foam material that outpaces competitors, as it's not as prone to the nicks and dings that plague inferior products.  The molding is lightweight and easy to handle, making it ideal for a DIY installation in your bedroom. You can cut it to form the appropriate length and size for your room and you can also contour it around any vents or windows that might be in the bedroom.

Install your moldings as you see fit within a single afternoon by using our patented system, which includes Quick Clips™ and Molding Mates™. The clips serve as the mounts for the crown molding. After they're installed, you can quickly install the crown molding pieces by tapping them into place.

The Molding Mates™ then covers the exposed joints. Since these components are over 2 inches wide, they reduce the stress of making precise cuts, like those that are necessary with wood and plaster moldings.

What Molding Kits Do We Recommend For Bedrooms?

We offer smaller sizes and larger sizes, and how you choose will likely depend on the size of your bedroom. Smaller rooms usually implement narrower moldings that sync up better with the proportions, and we have two products — the "Acropolis" and the "Concord Dentil" — that measure at 4 1/8". With more ornamental designs, these two lines fit into styles that favor more character and detail.

If you prefer larger moldings, you can use one of our other two models — the "St. James" and the "Governor's Palace" — that measure at 6 1/4" and 6 1/2", respectively. These designs are more simple and clean cut, which allows them to fit in various themes of bedrooms without conflicting with the overarching theme.


The staff at Focal Point will remain committed to helping you find the best crown moldings for your bedroom. Contact us today with any questions or buy your kit online now!