It's a tremendous aesthetic advantage to have a sloping cathedral ceiling in your home. It's naturally beautiful and grand.

However, performing DIY projects like crown moulding can prove to be an immense challenge that even seasoned carpenters don't like to take on. That said, you can produce the look you're after with the right tools.

What Is a Cathedral Ceiling?

While used interchangeably with "vaulted" to describe any ceiling that differentiates from typical flat layouts, cathedral ceilings gained famed from their namesakes — churches.

Historically, cathedral ceilings are symmetrical builds with equally sloped ceilings that meet at a ridge, like a V. They mirror the structure of the roof on the outside, which builds more familiarity and comfort than other vaulted ceilings and make rooms feel overly spacious.

Why Is It Difficult to Install Crown Moulding on These Ceilings?

When considering aesthetic add-ons for cathedral ceilings, crown mouldings don't often get much consideration due to how tedious they are to install.

It takes pinpoint precision when performing unconventional angle cuts on the moulding, as you'll need to match up the strips evenly with the ceiling and wall. You'll also need to cut specific-sized segments.

Between mitering, measuring a lot and working at awkward angles when securing the moulding, traditional wood and plaster options typically make this job more frustrating than its worth, costing you a lot of time, money and effort. Even then, there's a decent chance that the moulding doesn't line up perfectly.

Utilize Focal Point Products in Your Next DIY Project

We've created a line of faux crown mouldings that make this project much more plausible for a DIYer dreaming of adorning their cathedral ceiling with this architectural embellishment.

You will benefit from a streamlined installation system, as well as top-tier materials that look great and maintain more durability than other moulding alternatives. Our kit still requires proper angle measurements when being used on a cathedral ceiling, but it reduces the level of stress affiliated with incremental distances.

It all starts with our Quick Clips™, which are convenient mounts that install quickly and hold your mouldings at an appropriate distance away from the ceiling. All it takes is lining up the moulding strips and lightly tapping them into place.

You don't need to worry about precise cuts thanks to our Moulding Mates™, which cover up gaps up to 4" wide. Your seams will be unnoticeable and professional-looking, and it's an entire job that you can tackle in a single day.

Add crown mouldings to your cathedral ceiling with our products. Contact us today with any questions or buy your kit online now!