1 Crown Molding for Tray Ceilings

Making a house, condo or townhouse feel like home takes time. You have probably spent hours arranging and rearranging your furniture, picking up new pieces of decor to complement your color scheme and planning projects. Looking up at the ceiling might be the last thing on your mind, but adding decorative touches there can yield surprisingly elegant and personalized results. Take a look around your home's ceilings. Do you like what you see, or do you think it could use something a little more? Crown molding is a type of ornamental trim that can be used on many different ceiling styles. Here, we will delve into tray ceilings and how crown molding can be the decorative upgrade you are looking to add to your home.  If you're looking to shop crown molding for your tray ceiling, simply click a style you like below!

What Is a Tray Ceiling?

A conventional ceiling is a simple, flat surface. It may be painted a color other than white, but it is a basic architectural style. Tray ceilings, named for their inverted shape, add more dimension to the ceiling. An inlay creates a recessed portion of the ceiling. This inlay is typically rectangular but can come in a different shape. Additionally, this type of design tends to be paired with high ceilings. Some tray ceilings are minimalist in design, with no trim or accent lighting. Others incorporate ornamental trim, such as crown molding, and strategically placed lighting. The result is a room with a striking design and ambiance.


Why Focal Point's Crown Molding Is Perfect for Tray Ceilings

2 Why Focal Points Crown Molding Is Perfect for Tray Ceilings

If you want to elevate your plain tray ceiling, crown molding is the perfect answer. But you likely still have questions. Do you need a professional to get the job done? How much will the crown molding material and installation cost? How long will the project take from start to finish?

Professionals are certainly available to install crown molding in your home. The average price range for installing crown molding is $200-600, depending on the size of the room and the materials used. If you hire a professional, the cost are likely to be more than double that range, as that is just the cost of materials.

However, Focal Point's crown molding offers an attractive alternative. We offer a variety of crown molding kits that include the crown molding pieces, our patented Quick Clips™, screws, the corners and connectors. You have everything you need to DIY beautiful crown molding on your tray ceiling for less than the typical contractor pricing. Here are some of the key benefits of selecting Focal Point for your crown molding project:

  • Professional appeal without the price: A lower price point is the appeal of many do-it-yourself projects, and Focal Point delivers on this benefit. Our classicly styled crown molding kits have a timeless and professional aesthetic without the higher costs of professional installation.
  • Customization: The crown molding pieces included in our kits come ready to paint the color you select. You can use the kits on a variety of different room sizes, and you can select from a range of different crown molding styles.
  • Easy installation: Our crown molding kits are designed for easy installation. Your new decorative touch can be installed within hours.
  • Point of pride: DIY projects allow you to make the changes to your home with your own hands. It takes time and effort, but when you are finished, you have the satisfaction of completing the project. Focal Point's crown molding can give you even more reasons to brag about your home.

Rooms That Look Great With Our Crown Moldings on Tray Ceilings

Start considering your tray ceiling ideas by looking up. Which rooms in your home have this feature?

  • Kitchen: Kitchens are one of the most common rooms to incorporate tray ceilings. Paired with higher ceiling height, it can make the kitchen appear larger. Adding crown molding, perhaps in the same color as the kitchen cabinets, can add a more decorative touch to a frequently utilitarian room.
  • Dining room: Some tray ceilings extend between open-concept kitchen and dining areas, while others are included in completely separate dining rooms. In either case, crown molding can be a beautiful addition to the room's visual appeal. The color of the crown molding can complement the tone of your dining set.
  • Living room: The living room is meant to be a comfortable gathering place. While a bare tray ceiling can certainly work here, crown molding adds more to the decorative nature of the room. Your living room may be a varied color palette or a more monochrome style. Keep your color scheme in mind when painting your new crown molding.
  • Bedroom: A bedroom with a high, tray-style ceiling has a lot of potential for a dramatic look. Add crown molding that matches your bedroom set and paint the interior of the tray to match for bedding for a coordinated and beautiful look. An element of lighting in the middle of the ceiling can add to the effect.

3 Should You Do Crown Molding on the Inside and Outside of Your Tray Ceiling

Should You Do Crown Molding on the Inside and Outside of Your Tray Ceiling?

Once you have selected the room and ceiling for your crown molding project, you need to decide how to approach the process. You can apply crown molding to just the inside of the tray ceiling, or you can add another element to the design by installing crown molding on the outside edge of the ceiling as well. There is no rule dictating which option to choose. Installing crown molding on both the inside and outside of the tray ceiling can create a more dramatic effect, drawing the eye to it. On the other hand, opting to include the crown molding on only the inside can feel slightly more understated. Think about what style you prefer.

Your Crown Molding Project

Adding crown molding can transform the overall look of a room with a tray ceiling. Whether you are looking to breathe new life into a shared living space like a kitchen or living room or add another layer of decoration in your bedroom, crown molding can be an easy and affordable option. If you have decided that crown molding is the right option for your tray ceiling, we are here to help. Browse our selection of complete crown molding kits and learn just how easy installation can be.