Installing traditional crown moldings can be annoying enough for many DIYers due to costs and skill, but the task can become nearly impossible when dealing with vaulted ceilings.

You can receive the level of aesthetic beauty and sophistication that you desire from moldings without the frustration of wood or plaster, as Focal Point Products creates faux molding kits you can apply more easily to your vaulted ceilings.

What Is a Vaulted Ceiling?

Vaulted ceilings go by multiple names in architectural circles, including "raised," "high" and occasionally "cathedral" ceilings. It typically takes an arched or V-shaped form that manufactures more space into a ceiling or roof. They range above standard 8-to-10' layouts.

Vaulted ceilings help a room to feel larger than it is, and it gives an open airiness that makes a home feel grand. People implement exposed beams and other features like moldings to help accentuate the natural character of these ceilings.

Why Is It Hard to Place Molding on These Ceilings?

However, beams are much easier to implement into these layouts than moldings.

The angles involved with vaulted ceilings are never uniform, as they vary from property to property. Every project is a custom job, and it requires intense measuring and many more cuts than conventional molding during installation to get it right.

These frustrations will only intensify when using wood or plaster. Regular molding requests already ask a lot of skilled carpenters and professionals since you must be incredibly careful and precise.

Unless you're a highly trained carpenter with time, patience and top-tier equipment, most DIYers tend to stay away from this idea. However, Focal Point Products has created a line of faux crown moldings that can give anyone hope for their vaulted ceiling.

Why Focal Point Can Assist With Your Project

Our moldings feature professional-looking designs and high-grade construction. Polyurethane bodies mimic the look of traditional materials while remaining more durable than other faux options.

You'll receive the look you want while gaining the ability to install the moldings in a single day if you put your mind to it. You'll still need to make proper measurements on your angles and cuts, but our clip-on installation system will take a lot of the pressure off.  Our kits all come with corner pieces, which will not likely be needed when installing the molding for vaulted ceilings since they're designed for flat ceilings with 90° angles.

Once you have the measurements marked, you can install our Quick Clips™ onto the wall, which helps to hold the moldings at the proper distance from the ceiling. The molding strips attach to these mounts with a simple tap, eliminating the need for caulking or hammering at awkward positions.

You also reduce the need for exact precision, as our Molding Mates™ cover gaps in the molding and provide a 4" margin between joints. With their help, you can cover seams without worrying about keeping them exposed.

If you feel like creating a unique look that complements your unique ceiling, our products can help. Contact us today with any questions or buy your kit online now!