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The Types of DIYers

There are 2 kinds of do-it-yourself people: Those with the carpentry skills needed to install crown moulding (or at least willing to learn those skills on the job), and those with no carpentry skills who are afraid to even attempt such a project.

The Skilled

For the skilled, rest assured that Focal Point polyurethane cuts and nails just like wood, but there are a few key differences. You will not scarf cut or cope polyurethane like you will with wood. Please see and follow our installation instructions.

The Unskilled

For the unskilled, rest assured that Focal Point's Quick Clip Moulding Installation System and Moulding Mates miter-free accessories make installing crown moulding a snap. We created these patented products specifically for you! The short video and the installation instructions will show you how easy this is, but we'd like to point out some features that you may not have considered

The "True" DIYER Solution

With Quick Clips, you will not nail through the face of the moulding. This is one of the reasons that our system cuts the installation time in half. You see, no nail holes means you will not have to tediously patch, sand and repaint each and every hole. You're welcome!

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