While installing crown moulding undoubtedly brings added character to any room, preparing it and making it look seamless can prove to be quite a challenge.

In addition to taking precise measurements, creating the appropriate cuts requires nearly perfect accuracy and a lot of patience. If you're tackling a traditional crown moulding project, here are some tips to follow.

Steps for Mitering Crown Moulding

When you're working with solid woods, plaster and other rigid options, you can't take any shortcuts when you're making your cuts. You need to use high-quality equipment that produces reliable, consistent and clean cuts, all while maintaining strict measurements the whole way through. Steps that you should take include the following.

1. Cutting the Corners

If you want your molding to look smooth the entire way around, you need to pay special attention to the corners. To create an outside corner, you need to set your miter saw at 45 degrees to the left and then cut the first length. To form the second mating piece, rotate the saw 45 degrees to the right, then cut again.

You'll then need to create the insider corner piece, which requires that you square-cut the first moulding piece and then push it tightly into the corner. You can then miter-cut the second piece at 45 degrees. Highlight the leading of the molding with a pencil, then cut along it with a coping saw. You can then use 100-grit sandpaper to smooth the cut edge, which helps with forming a tighter joint.

2. Making Scarf Joints

If you need to connect two pieces of moulding in a long run, you'll have to build a scarf joint. Take a length of moulding and secure it at the angle that it will be installed. Make sure it's on the miter table upside down during this process, as doing so will ensure that it sits right when installed. Set your miter blade at 45 degrees, and make the necessary cuts to form the joint.

Cut out the Hassle With Our Easy Crown Moulding

These daunting steps can often cause DIY enthusiasts to shy away from traditional crown moulding installations. Results might not reflect the tremendous work put in, and you might want something with a better chance of producing great results. That's why Focal Point Products has created crown mouldings kits that maintain visual appeal while significantly reducing the difficulty of installation. Our polyurethane foam mouldings are easy to cut, handle, and install with tools you likely have on hand, in a single afternoon.

Mouldings can be cut with a handsaw, not heavy tools required. Installation is a snap with our patented Quick Clips™ which create the perfect angle between the ceiling and the wall.

To complete installation cover the gaps left between mouldings with our patented Moulding Mates, which allow for up to a 4" margin of error. These connectors snap right onto the clips, creating the seamless system you're looking for.

Contact us today with any questions, or buy your kit online now!