1 Everything You Need to Know About Foam Crown Molding

Crown molding adds personality and style to your home when you are redecorating or planning to place it on the market. However, traditional wood and plaster crown molding can be costly and challenging to install yourself. 

Whether you are preparing your home for resale or looking to freshen up your space, foam crown molding is an affordable solution for do-it-yourself home decorating. In this guide, we'll discuss what foam crown molding is and why you should use it. 

What Is Foam Crown Molding?

Foam crown molding is a cost-effective, easy-to-install alternative to traditional crown molding. Rather than being made of wood or plaster, the crown molding is constructed out of lightweight foam — typically high-density polyurethane or polystyrene — and is shaped to look like traditional crown molding. 

There are many reasons people choose to use foam crown molding in their decorating and design projects — foam molding is inexpensive, easy-to-install and available in several different styles. When applied correctly, you cannot tell the difference between foam crown molding and traditional crown molding.

What Are Polyurethane and Polystyrene?

High-quality foam crown moldings are constructed with high-density polyurethane or polystyrene. Polyurethane is a versatile plastic material found in many everyday items, including mattresses, children's toys, footwear, insulation and more. 2 What are Polyurethane and Polystyrene

Polystyrene is a rigid plastic material that can also be made into an airy, lightweight foam that is commonly used in vehicles, food service and packaging. Unlike styrofoam — which is more susceptible to damage — polyurethane and polystyrene foam molding are more durable, but still retain the same lightweight quality. 

Where Can You Buy Foam Crown Molding?

You can purchase our foam crown molding directly from our Focal Point Products website, through Amazon or in-person at select Home Depot stores. However, while some Home Depot locations do carry our foam molding pieces, you cannot purchase our complete foam crown molding room kits there. 

Our foam crown molding kits come in four unique styles:

Each Focal Point Products foam crown molding room kit comes complete with:


10 Things You Didn't Know About Foam Crown Molding3 10 Things You Didnt Know About Foam Crown Molding

If you're new to the world of foam crown molding, there are a few things you should know, including:

1. Foam Crown Molding Is Cost-Effective

Foam crown molding is usually more affordable than other crown molding materials, like wood and plaster. Because it is cheap and high-quality, foam crown molding is the ideal interior design solution for homeowners on a budget

2. There Are Several Ways to Install Foam Molding

Taking on a DIY project can be very beneficial. DIY projects save you money and teach you new skills. Then, when you are finished with your project, you can feel proud of your handiwork every time you enter the room and see your new crown molding. With Focal Point foam crown molding, DIY installation is simple. 

There are several ways you can install your foam crown molding — you can use glue, peel-and-stick application or our patented no-nail Quick Clips™ system. Choose your method of installation based on your design budget and the amount of time you wish to invest in your project.

3. Foam Crown Molding Is Lightweight

Foam crown molding is extremely lightweight, which makes shipping and do-it-yourself application much more manageable. Because crown molding installation requires frequent lifting, you will appreciate how light and easy our product is to handle.

4. Painting It Is a Breeze

Foam crown molding is easy to paint. Some foam molding kits come already primed so you can jump directly into your project. Choose classic neutrals like white, grey or beige, or choose a bold, eye-catching color, like black or deep brown.

5. Foam Crown Molding Can Stand Up to Humidity

Foam crown molding is both moisture and insect resistant, making it an excellent choice for rooms with a lot of humidity or excess moisture, including bathrooms and damp basements.

6. Corner Blocks Make Installation Simple

You can use corner blocks to install your crown molding, eliminating the need for a miter saw or tricky corner angle measurements. Focal Point has both inner and outer corner block sections, as well as flat connecting pieces, so you can install the molding in a room of any shape. Each corner block is made of molded plastic and installs with screws or adhesive

7. There Are Different Types of Foam Crown Molding

Not all foam crown molding is created equally. For example, styrofoam molding tends to be more fragile, while polyurethane crown molding is more dense and durable. When you choose a foam molding, make sure you take care not to dent or damage the product before placing it on your wall.

8. The Experts Love It

Foam crown molding is not just a homeowner's favorite, but also beloved by architects and interior designers alike. Focal Point Products foam crown molding has been featured on TV, including on the DIY Network and "This Old House."

9. You Have Endless Design Options

When you choose to work with foam crown molding, you open the door to endless design possibilities because there are numerous different styles and sizes to choose from. Some styles are intricately detailed, while others are more simplistic. Once you select your favorite molding design, you can paint and finish it however you like. This means crown molding can fit any style or budget. 

10. Foam Crown Molding Is Multi-Use

You can use foam crown molding for more than decoration around your home. To add even more personality and charm to your home, use foam crown molding to:

  • Hide unsightly wiring caused by TVs and other electronics in your living room or bedroom.
  • Create an atmospheric effect with indirect lighting.
  • Outline interior doorways and archways.
  • Frame large picture or bay windows.
  • Add interest to your kitchen cabinetry.

Foam Crown Molding Installation Options

4 Foam Crown Molding Installation Options

Before you begin installing your foam crown molding, take the appropriate steps to protect the room. Cover any carpet or fixed furniture pieces with newspaper or furniture covers. Remove any artwork or picture frames from the wall you are working on. If you plan to use a step-ladder for installation, make sure it is sturdy and placed on level ground, so you can evenly affix the molding to the wall. 

With Focal Point Products Foam Crown Molding Kits, you eliminate the need for power tools and hammers. Instead, choose from three different installation options:

  • Glue or caulking: While you do not need caulk for our foam molding products, a little bit goes a long way for making your finished product look clean and uniform. Installing your foam molding with painter's caulk is also one way to ensure your foam crown molding stays fixed in place for a long time.
  • Clips: Say goodbye to nails with our patented, no-nail Quick Clips™ system. With this unique clip system, you no longer have to spend time searching for studs or covering holes when you are finished. Instead, you just determine your increment measurements, screw the clip in place with a single screw and snap the molding together.
  • Peel-and-stick: Peel-and-stick crown molding has a smooth, flat-back design with a peel-off layer of plastic film protecting the adhesive material. When you are ready to place your foam molding, simply measure and trim, then peel off the film before sticking your molding to the wall.

Don't forget the corners! Focal Point Products has come up with a simple DIY solution for challenging corner installation — Molding Mates™. You can install Molding Mates™ as easily as your foam molding by using our Quick Clips™. Focal Point Products also offers miter-free inside and outside pieces, as well as flat connecting pieces that you can install with two small screws.

Other Benefits of Foam Crown Molding

Foam crown molding is affordable, multi-use, easy-to-apply and customizable — but that's not all. There are plenty of other reasons you should be using foam crown molding in your home renovation projects:

  • You can use foam crown molding in any room: You can use foam molding in any room of the house, and it will fit in perfectly, including rooms with brick walls, cathedral or vaulted ceilings or flat ceilings. You can use foam molding to add layers of detail in these spaces, accentuate your decorating theme or even cover flaws in your ceiling. 
  • You can match foam molding to your other décor: Crown molding is a timeless look that you can pair beautifully with your other interior decor, using ceiling medallions, door and window trim, shelving, and wall panel molding. Additionally, you can purchase these other interior design accessories in foam, making your home renovation project more cost-effective without sacrificing style.
  • Foam molding is easy: Regardless of the chosen installation method, foam crown molding is often regarded as the simplest type of molding to install because it is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • It is backed by rave reviews: All of our foam crown molding kits and products are supported by five-star reviews. Customers love the simplicity and design options that come with purchasing a Focal Point Products foam crown molding kit. 
  • All-in-one kits are the way to go: When you decide to use foam molding in your home project, all-in-one kits are the way to go. All-in-one foam crown molding solutions come complete with everything you need to add molding to your home, making them a convenient choice for a busy homeowner or designer. 
  • It can help increase the value of your home: Crown molding may help increase the value of your home. If you are preparing your house for resale, little touches, like new crown molding, can add up. For a cohesive look, stick to the theme of your house or neighborhood. For example, if you plan to sell a historic home in an established neighborhood, you could opt for our Governor's Palace Crown Molding Room Kit to give the house an authentic feel.
  • You can install it yourself: You do not need to be a construction or design professional to install foam molding — DIY installation is easy. Feel like a pro with online how-to guides and instructional videos. When you tackle home renovation projects yourself or take the time to learn a new skill, you are left with a nicely decorated space, as well as the satisfaction of a job well done.
  • You can change your mind: Tastes and style preferences change over time — with foam crown molding, you can reflect your evolving taste by switching to a new molding if you feel like trying something new or refreshing your space. With traditional wooden or plaster molding, this change could be more costly or difficult to manage.
  • You do not have to worry about gaps: Forget worrying about gaps and seams in your molding. Focal Point Products Molding Mates™ pairs directly with our Quick Clips™ system to act as a cover, eliminating seams in the connecting lengths of your molding pieces.
Refresh Your Space With a Focal Point Products Foam Crown Molding Kit

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, interior designer or home renovator, you will love the convenience and style of Focal Point Products Foam Crown Molding Kits. Because our kits are affordable and easy-to-install, you will have more money and energy to focus on other home improvement projects. 

Experience the style and convenience of foam crown molding for yourself and check out our different crown molding room kits and products today.