Everybody loves the idea of a beautifully decorated home. Whether you're an avid DIYer or a Pinterest enthusiast, DIY projects are an affordable option to dress up your surroundings or add some much-needed organization to your life. However, once the weekend rolls around, you'd probably rather spend time with your family than pull out a project that keeps you isolated.

The good news is that DIY projects don't have to be solo affairs. Grab your spouse and your little ones — here's our list of four family-friendly DIY home decoration and organization ideas that everyone can enjoy.

1. Chalkboard Wall Paint

A chalkboard wall can be painted pretty much anywhere. Whether you're looking for a spot where your children can go crazy and draw on the walls or you'd like a very visible to-do list in your kitchen, a chalkboard wall is just the thing. Many chalkboard paints are even magnetic, making the creative and organizational possibilities endless.

This simply DIY project involves nothing more than chalkboard paint, some paint brushes and the perfect spot in your home.

2. Creative Shelving

Books, knickknacks, tchotchkes — everything needs a place. Sometimes it's hard to find enough shelves for all these little items in your home. Why not spend a weekend with your family making some creative shelving? The best part is that you probably have the materials you need lying around in your garage or attic.

If you've got an old wood ladder that hasn't seen much use, turn it into an adorable display piece. Get some pine shelves and attach them to each step with brackets and a few screws, and you're in business. If you don't have a ladder you can use, never fear. Old frames with pine wood attached around the edges can also create a unique wall shelf that makes anything you place on it a work of art.

These shelves offer an excellent opportunity for your kids to learn to use a hammer or power drill — under your direct supervision, of course.

3. Mail and Paperwork Caddies

Even though we live in the digital age, it's easy to get lost under a pile of paperwork. Mail, bills, homework, projects, photographs — if you and your kids aren't sure where to tuck these important stacks of paper, this family DIY project is just the one for you. Mail and paperwork caddies are an affordable and simple solution that will save you from drowning in paper.

First, find yourself a few wire caddies. Many craft stores carry them, and you may even get lucky and track a few down at your local dollar general. Next, purchase a few chalkboard frames that will serve as your labels. You can attach them to the caddies with a glue gun. Finally, screw the wire baskets up on a convenient wall.

Be sure to keep your finished project at the eye level of each member of the family. For example, if your littlest is getting his own basket, make sure he can reach it.

4. Dress up Your Home With Crown Molding

While you may think of crown molding as a gorgeous home embellishment that should only be attempted by professionals, the truth is, you and your family can install this impressive detailing together. With crown molding kits from Focal Point, you and your loved ones will have everything you need for professional-looking results — no experience or specialized tools necessary.

Our patented installation system is simple to use, featuring a Quick Clip mounting system. We understand that your children's attention spans may not last through a lengthy DIY project. Fortunately, you can finish this job in the length of one afternoon.

We offer a variety of styles to choose from, so you're sure to find one that fits your individual taste to a tee. Once you and the kids are through, your nearest and dearest won't be able to tell the difference between your crown molding and a professional's.

To get the ball rolling on your family's next DIY project, order one of our patented crown molding kits today.