DIY Wall Panel Molding Kits

In the past, thin moldings accented pictures in place of picture frames. Thanks to our DIY panel molding - also known as picture molding kits -  anyone can add a touch of elegance to walls and ceilings. Each set comes with four pieces of customizable moulding and four corners ready to attach to the surface of your choosing.

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Wall Panel Kits For Sale

After buying a panel moulding kit from Focal Point Products, you can use an adhesive or finish nails to attach the panel moulding pieces on any wall or ceiling. Transform the look of a room with one or more moulding frames and install within hours. Add panel moulding to your ceiling or wall to complement your decor or break up a bare space. You can choose from plain, decorative or L-shaped corners that accent a variety of design styles. Every kit style has distinct details that will give your room a unique personality.

Our versatile panel moulding kits empower you to create almost any shape, design, and size you imagine. Buy multiple kits and connect their pieces to extend the length or height of your moulding shape. Every moulding part is made of our durable polyurethane material and allows you to cut each piece to the size you desire. Mix and match corners and projection sizes to create a unique appearance.

We prime every piece in your DIY panel moulding kit so you can add the finish of your choice. The matte white base provides the perfect surface for painting, staining or faux finishing that complements your decor. Add your finish before installing the moulding, then complete the final touch-ups after installation. You may also install the primed parts without a finish to contrast with or accent your wall or ceiling color.

Decor professionals used to create traditional picture, or panel, moulding with plaster or wood, but today's resources give us more options. We produce our panel moulding products with polyurethane — a durable and modern material. Manufacturing with polyurethane allows for consistent pieces that allow you to combine kits however you like. Polyurethane also withstands mold, mildew and everyday wear and tear.