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Egg & Dart


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Install this high-quality egg and dart shelf quickly and easily, and enjoy your professional-looking finished DIY project. This shelf from Focal Point Products matches our Acropolis crown molding kit allowing you to get that customized, put-together look in any room.

Made from high-density, molded polyurethane, this shelf stands up to regular use beautifully and stays looking great year after year. A generous depth of 7.5 inches gives you plenty of space for your most precious mementos and keepsakes without taking up the footprint of a larger shelf.

Best of all, Focal Point Products' egg and dart shelf can support up to 50 pounds when it is installed into wall studs, meaning you enjoy peace of mind that your valuables will stay put. Many hanging shelves on the market only support a fraction of that weight making it perfect for framed photos, small books, and special nick-knacks.

This Focal Point Products shelf is ready to finish, stain or paint to match your décor. We have even primed it for you, saving you that extra coat of paint and extra wait time. Get ready to quickly install this terrific-looking shelf for your home or business with Focal Point Products!

Product specs:

Length: 36"

Depth: 7.5"

Composition: High-Density Molded Polyurethane

Max Weight: Will Hold Up To 50lbs When Installed Into Studs

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