Home renovation projects can help improve the value of your home. And while most home improvement projects will require you to work with experts, there are others you can easily accomplish on your own.

Fall is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get organized. With cooler weather on the way, it's a great time to get those home renovation projects done now instead of during the sweltering summer heat. Here are six DIY projects you can complete during fall:

1. Clean out and Repair Your Gutters

Your gutters do a lot of work diverting thousands of gallons of water over fall and winter. You need to keep them in perfect condition to serve you well. Fall is the ideal time to repair and clean the gutters by removing leaves and debris to prevent clogging. Cleaning and repairing your gutters can help you prevent thousands of dollars in water damage to your roof and foundation.

You should also install gutter guards to keep additional debris from accumulating and causing blockages. This will keep your gutters and roof stronger throughout the year.

2. Paint Your Front Door

While painting your front door is the easiest and least expensive DIY home renovation project, it’s one that has the highest return on investment. Painting your door a new color will help your house stand out from other homes on the block.

Fall is an ideal time to paint your door as the temperatures will make the paint dry properly and adhere to the door. Make sure to paint either on an afternoon when the temperature is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit or on a night when temperatures aren’t below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent freezing before the paint fully dries.

3. Upgrade Your Windows

Heat loss through windows can increase your energy bills by up to 25%. Therefore, savvy homeowners make it a point to thoroughly inspect their windows as part of their end of the year prep. You need to check your windows for damages, poor insulation and malfunctioning locks as these are among the reasons your energy bills skyrocket during cold weather.

4. Fix Your Roof

Your roof protects your home and its occupants from all kinds of weather. So, check to ensure your roof has no leaks or cosmetic damages and the shingles aren’t missing, cracked or curling. If your roof requires any repairs, you need to have them done during your fall prep period. Failure to repair small damages such as missing shingles can lead to severe damage during the winter.

5. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your home is another cheap fall prep task you should consider to increase the value of your home. Fall is a great time to paint both the interior and exterior of your home as it has optimal temperatures which don’t change drastically between day and night. This ensures your paints dry properly. Besides, you can leave your windows open during the fall to get rid of the paint fumes quickly.

6. Repair the Deck

You’ll need to thoroughly check your deck during the fall. If you spot any cracks, you need to fix them since these small problems might grow bigger during the winter when water freezes inside the cracks. If the wood is faded or splintering, you need to call an expert to help you refresh your deck and improve its condition. Restoring your deck to top condition should be a priority during your end of the year prep.

Don’t Put off Prepping Your Home This Fall

Take advantage of the perfect weather to execute all your home renovation projects this fall. These projects will help you stay comfortable during the coming cold winter months, and they’ll also improve the value of your home.

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