Do you see plenty of DIY projects just waiting to be finished around your home? There's nothing quite as rewarding as wrapping up a weekend knowing you tackled everything on that to-do list. However, home renovation projects can sometimes stand in the way of fun quality time with your significant other. The solution? Turn your DIY projects into a date!

Working together to tackle a home improvement project that's usually outside your wheelhouse is great for your home and your relationship. You'll love the payoff you get from completing the projects. Not to mention, you'll experience a whole new side of your significant other! Working through more physically-involved projects allows you and your partner to practice effective dialogue and cooperation. You'll likely start recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Is one person better with a hammer and nails? Does one person have a better eye when it comes to pairing colors and patterns? Consider treating your next DIY project as a date.

A Step-by-Step Guide

If you'd like to complete some home improvement tasks but don't know where to start, plan some fun date ideas using these steps:

  1. Plan it out: Start by having each person name the number one project they want to complete. Can you fit both into a weekend? If not, flip a coin and save the other project for next weekend.
  2. Go shopping together: DIY projects offer room for creativity. Having another set of eyes wandering the store's aisles can lead to innovative solutions or new ideas to save you and your partner time and money.
  3. Get started: Take turns being the teacher and the student. Recognize each person's talents and weaknesses. Remember to take the time to praise your partner for what they're good at and help them with the tasks they have trouble with.
  4. Enjoy: After you finish the project, look back on it fondly as a real-life representation of what you can accomplish when you work together!

Try a DIY Crown Molding Kit

DIY projects are the perfect way for couples to personalize a new home. When you spend an afternoon or evening collaborating on a new addition, you create fun memories and give your home some unique distinction. Need a DIY date suggestion? Consider trying a DIY Crown molding kit.

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