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Looking to improve the space in your house with basic DIY knowledge? If you have a small room in your home, there are plenty of ways to expand the space you have available. Try these accessible, space-enhancing hacks for homeowners of any skill level.

1. Add Light

Ample lighting makes a room feel bigger by adding more depth. If your space has windows, try removing or using sheer curtains to let in natural light. You can optimize your use of electric lighting by adding multiple lamps that spread light around.

2. Hide Clutter

Your belongings could have a bigger impact on your room's atmosphere than you realize. If you find yourself using your furniture surfaces as storage, try looking for ways to hide those items. Consider hiding some of your clutter behind doors, under table skirts and in other inconspicuous areas.

3. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

With an increase in small-space living in America comes more multi-purpose furniture. These decor items serve multiple functions and come in a variety of furniture pieces such as storage ottomans, expandable tables, and daybeds. Remember to choose items with features you know you'll use instead of ones you think you would use.

4. Get Creative With Storage Solutions

Storage goes far beyond closets, shelves, and drawers. If you need to stash away more items, try to use every part of your room such as under the bed. You can also swap traditional furniture out for storage furniture that includes hidden compartments.

5. Leave Space Around Furniture

It might seem logical to put your furniture against each other to save space in your small room but think again. When furniture pieces are pushed up against each other, the room feels more cramped. Leave a few inches of space between each piece, as well as between furniture and the wall. Floating pieces are a great choice to also provide some additional space near the floor.

6. Take Advantage of Colors, Textures, and Patterns

Your wall, floor, and furniture colors have a significant impact on your room's atmosphere. Light colors make a room feel airy and create the feeling of more space. You can also add wallpaper or paint to your ceiling to draw visitors' eyes upward. A striped rug can elongate a room while adding character.

7. Separate Spaces by Purpose

Consider making your own rooms. Create visual divides in your room by grouping furniture with similar purposes. Rugs and color coordination can tie each area together. By separating your room into sections, you also open up its walkways.

8. Make the Room Look Taller With a Crown Molding Kit

Adding crown molding to the top of your walls makes your room feel taller when you paint it in a matching color. Thanks to crown molding kits from Focal Point Products, DIYers of any skill level can get professional-looking results. Our affordable options let you pay a lower price than an installation service while achieving a consistent look. Learn more about our products and make a purchase today.