While some decorations have a timeless appeal, the truth is that most trends have a short shelf life and won't last forever. Summer is the time that many homeowners look to add some additional décor to their homes, so if you want to know which trends are on the out this summer, this is the post for you. Here are five décor trends that are tired and outdated for summer 2019.

1. Word Art Wall Décor

You'll find them everywhere nowadays — from the shelves of your local craft store to big chains like Target and TJ Maxx. You know the ones. Word art signs featuring words like "Dream" or phrases like "Live, Laugh, Love." They had their day, but now they're passé.

While personalized word art signs featuring a favorite quote or a family saying were a nice touch, most of these wall decorations were overplayed clichés. Today, more homeowners are moving back to family photos and artwork — wall décor that never goes out of style.

2. Gray Walls as Your Neutral Wall Paint

When it comes to painting your walls, if you're thinking to resell, neutral colors are always your best bet. However, in 2018, everyone jumped on the gray wall bandwagon, and the trend quickly became overplayed. If you're looking at painting your walls, stay away from the 50 shades of gray — and every other gray shade out there.

3. Subway Tiles as Your Kitchen Backsplash

Subway tiles are a subtle design element that became popular because they were inexpensive and easily incorporated into almost any style kitchen. What started as a unique touch is now gracing the walls of countless kitchens throughout America. If you want your kitchen backsplash to look different than everyone else's, stay away from this outdated trend.

4. Minimalizing Your Home

For all you Marie Kondo lovers out there, it's okay to get rid of clutter. In fact, you'll probably feel refreshed by the practice. However, over the last couple of years, people have been paring down rooms to the point where they feel sterile and uninviting.

Bare, white walls, only functional furniture and very few design elements are aspects of minimalism that are on the out in summer 2019. Instead, many are returning to colorful accessories and cozy spaces with warmth and vitality.

5. Modern Farmhouse

While Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame will continue to reign supreme as a home design maven, her modern farmhouse trend is losing popularity. Like many trends, this blend of rustic and refined is beyond played out.

Choose Home Décor That Will Never Go out of Style

While these trends are now passé, a few home décor features will never go out of fashion. Crown molding is a design element that gracefully flares out, providing a finished edge to connect your wall and ceiling. Decorative molding is the perfect way to turn any bland surface or corner of your home into something extraordinary.

Traditionally, installing crown molding is a costly venture requiring a professional. However, with a crown molding kit from Focal Point, you'll get this timeless home décor detail without breaking the bank. Plus, our Quick Clip™ technology will enable you to install your crown molding in a single afternoon.

If you're ready to incorporate this classic trend into your home décor this summer, check out our huge variety of crown molding styles on our products page.