With the new year officially ushered in, trendsetters will look to establish some decorative looks to give 2019 some character of its own.

A few trends are ahead of the curve, as you can expect to see these four decorative touches deployed in some capacity across the country in the next 12 months — and possibly beyond.

1. Floral Patterns

A classic look has made a massive comeback in the past couple of years, and 2019 should be the time when floral patterns fully retake the throne.

Many interior designers hold the theory that whatever dominates fashion shows has an excellent chance of appearing throughout the home in the following year. With such prominent displays in New York and Paris in 2018, florals received a substantial boost to its resurgence.

You can utilize adorned wallpapers, furniture, accent pillows, rugs and curtains to add some vibrant color and allusion to nature.

2. More Black Everywhere

Borrowing from the fashion show concept, shades of black provide an intriguing blend of modernity, sleekness, and dramatics.

It also produces a high-contrast, high-impact feel that leaves a striking impression. This thought process is especially prevalent in the kitchen, where a growing sect of homeowners have grown tired of the ultra-popular white cabinets and countertops.

You'll see black permeate other interior features, as well, including lighting fixtures, seating, accent pieces, tile, hardwood floors and more.

3. Eco-Friendly Accessories

A lot of people have grown to sympathize with the threats invoked by pollution and other environmental issues, which has nudged them in eco-friendly directions. They also maintain a desire to feel closer to the earth, and these two factors will combine to influence 2019 home improvement trends.

Greenery has become popular throughout the home, as designers have implemented genuine plant walls and hanging planters in common areas like the kitchen and living room. There should be an uptick in natural and sustainable fabrics, too, which will show up in upholstered furniture, throws, cushions, and tapestries. These elements fit well across multiple styles, giving them versatility.

You'll also see an increase in energy-efficient appliances and lighting, upcycled floors and marble and other materials like clay, jute and rice paper.

4. Statement Ceilings Are In

Some designers continually try to inject boldness into an often-forgotten part of the home as an attempt at revitalization. Ceilings are the latest beneficiaries, as they're gaining new splashes of color and unique designs to give them some character.

Ceilings can gain dimension and color that opens up the room and makes it feel brighter. Designers have also taken to using wallpaper to them textured looks like wood, brickle and marble.

This movement has also breathed new life into crown moldings, which some people have disregarded them in favor of a more straightforward approach. You can use these embellishments in conjunction with the ceiling — both can be the same color — to reinforce the character of the room while adding a sense of depth. For this purpose, larger moldings above 5" fit better.

You can also paint and stain moldings in different colors to produce some tasteful contrast for your design. Crown moldings are still a popular feature thanks to how flexible they can be, so experiment to see how they pair with your statement ceiling.

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