The allure of classic solid-wood moldings is undeniable, as they add to a room a level of sophistication and flair that's subtle, yet impactful.

However, modern times have seen an increase in DIYers, and wooden crown moldings do not fit into that profile very well for multiple reasons.

What Is Wood Crown Molding?

A traditional molding will typically consist of plaster or wood, and that's been true for hundreds of years. From mahogany to cherry to oak, people praise different variations of wood for their innate beauty and natural warmth.

It's a sturdy option that doesn't sustain damage too easily, and authentic carved moldings can add significantly to the value of your home, especially if they're consistent throughout the entire property.

Why Wood Might Not Be Right for You

As charming and sturdy as wood moldings might be, they also present many challenges and shortcomings that turnoff more practical homeowners.

For starters, all wood options present an increased cost over faux crown moldings, and it takes a tremendous amount of skill and patience to install them correctly — even experienced carpenters can become frustrated with this kind of work. Consequently, you'll endure further costs for labor, as it will a lot more time and effort to get the job done right. On top of it all, support nails driven through the face can ruin the look of the molding.

Wood is also susceptible to water damage, as well as insect infestations and extreme temperature swings.

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Why Focal Point Produces the Best Crown Molding Alternative

If you'd like a product that closely mimics the appearance of wood while offering additional benefits, Focal Point Products has created a line of faux crown molding that will leave you satisfied.

We use a form of foam, polyurethane, that sports much better durability than other foam moldings. In addition to it being lightweight and much more affordable, you can also paint one of four different designs to match the rest of your aesthetic flawlessly.

You can also take advantage of a streamlined installation process. Instead of wasting time and money, you can buy one of our kits, have it delivered to your home and then put it up yourself in a single afternoon. We provide all the components, and you'll need just a few common tools to complete preparations.

First, you'll install the Quick Clips™ mounting system throughout the room. You'll hang the clips with just one screw — two for the corner pieces — in even increments, and then you'll attach the moldings and tap them into place. Simple as that!

You'll then need to finish up by covering the open gaps between segments with our Molding Mates™, which create much better flow without a need to miter.

No nails, no expensive equipment and no stress — that's how our products work. Contact us today with any questions or buy your kit online now!