Decorative Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions add a touch of elegance to any ceiling-mounted light or fan. At Focal Point Products, we believe that DIYers of any skill level has the opportunity to install lighting accents with professional results - it just takes a simple twist to installation! Focal Point's patented Quick Clips™ medallion installation system locks medallions into place with ease.  As a result, you can transform your fixtures at a fraction of the price of professional services.

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Ceiling Medallions For Sale

We offer decorative ceiling medallions with varying levels of detail that suit a full range of home aesthetics. Our minimalist options have crisp, clean lines that frame your fixture and let it speak for itself. You may also choose a medallion with luxurious accents that add a touch of elegance. No matter what level of detail you want, you'll get results that make an impression.

At Focal Point Products, we offer a huge range of sizes for our ceiling medallions. Whether you want your medallion to make a statement or act as a subtle complement, you can find a corresponding size. Change the impact you make with a size that accents your fixture. The range of medallions we offer encompasses diameters of less than 10 inches to diameters more than 40 inches. All medallion sizes feature the same ease of installation and quality associated with Focal Point products.

Each of our medallions has an existing coat of primer that allows you to install it as-is or add a finish. The white base allows for finishing that matches or contrasts with the rest of your room. Its stark simplicity also gives you the option to let the medallion speak for itself. Consisting of exterior-grade, 100% acrylic latex paint, the primer resists weather, moisture and insects for outdoor use.

Traditionally, artisans made ceiling medallions from paper mache, plaster or wood. Now, we make our medallions using polyurethane, a resilient material created for the modern age. Polyurethane resists mildew and mold and is suitable for use in a variety of environments. Creating our lighting accessories with polyurethane also lets us make consistent pieces with an expert finish.