Polyurethane Floating Shelves

Shelves from Focal Point Products make it simple to add architectural details to the room of your choice. Turn your collectibles and frames into an eye-catching display with form and function. Each of our polyurethane shelves are lightweight and easy to install with no visible means of support - resulting in a "floating" appearance. Our primed - ready to finish, polyurethane shelves are 36" long, 7.5" deep, and support up to 50lbs.

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Easy-To-Install Shelves For Sale

All of our shelves also save you a step in the painting process. We prime every shelf during production so you can add the paint, stain or finish you desire. The stark white base coat acts as the perfect foundation for a wide range of shades or stands out on its own. Add your color before installation, then complete the final touch-ups.

Each shelf has a depth of 7-1/2" to hold your large collectibles and decorations. When you install your Focal Point shelf into studs, it can support up to 50 pounds. This strong, 36-inch shelf also has a lightweight design that makes it easy to install, even for the DIYer.

We use high-density polyurethane to produce all of our products, including our wall-mounted shelves. Like our moulding kits, Focal Point shelves resist everyday wear and tear thanks to their durable materials. The polyurethane design also allows for rich details that add sophistication and character.

Every polyurethane shelf comes with easy-mount hardware that speeds up installation for DIYers of all skill levels. The included wooden cleats and biscuits let you install your shelf wherever you can find wall studs or use an anchor. Since we include all the hardware needed for installation, you can use basic tools to complete the job. We recommend installing our shelves with a screwdriver, drill, pencil, level and wood glue.

You can buy our decorative shelves as part of a matching set of corbels and moulding. We provide compatible, cross-product architectural designs that you can mix and match in your purchase. Add consistent moulding and shelf details throughout the room, or contrast your shelving and moulding designs. For a dramatic look, place Focal Point corbels under your shelf in a matching pattern. To find the perfect crown moulding to match your shelf, visit our kit selections here.