Focal Point's crown moulding systems are used by interior designers and homeowners around the world. They are easy to install and look great for a number of different applications. Whether you're looking for the perfect moulding for a bedroom or kitchen, we are here to help. Click below to learn more about the specific applications of Focal Point's moulding kits.

Crown Moulding: Great for Any Room and Many Purposes

Crown moulding instantly brings a high-end look and feel to any room in your home. Many of our DIY customers choose to install Focal Point Products crown moulding throughout their homes, helping each space make a beautiful first impression. With crown moulding, you can elevate just about any room in the home including living rooms, dens, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, or hallways, and even covered porches.  If you're interested in installing crown moulding, simply choose a style you like below:


St. James Crown Moulding Room Kit



Acropolis Crown Moulding Room Kit



Concord Dentil Crown Moulding Room Kit



Governor’s Palace Crown Moulding Room Kit



Some clients choose to add crown moulding to only a few select areas of their home, accenting certain décor and achieving specific looks for different spaces. Many install crown moulding in just the primary living spaces for an attractive, finished look to entry hallways and living and dining rooms.

Whichever application and use of crown moulding you choose, you may benefit from some of the following aesthetic enhancements:

  • Larger room appearance: Perhaps the greatest benefit of crown moulding is that with the right profile selection, it can make rooms, hallways and other spaces feel larger than they truly are.
  • Accents: This small accent can make a big change to most rooms in your home. Crown moulding is often used as a modest update that makes a major difference in how space is visually perceived, making crown moulding one of the most effective accent updates you can make.
  • Covering cracks: Through the years, cracks can often appear in the drywall where walls meet ceilings. When you add crown moulding to your home, you make a cosmetic update that covers any cracks.
  • Custom Look: In some neighborhoods, many homes follow the same architectural and interior specifications, making them all look and feel the same. Adding crown moulding to your home is one fast and affordable way to make your property unique.
  • Increase property value: Crown moulding is perceived as a high-end upgrade to your home, so it can help increase a property’s value when it's time to sell.
  • Tie various spaces together: Crown moulding brings a sense of cohesiveness to different spaces. When you add crown moulding throughout the home, visitors will feel as though one room seamlessly connects to another, which provides a powerful sense of completeness.

Adding crown moulding? Choose focal point products.

As you explore the many applications and uses of crown moulding, turn to a do-it-yourself product that’s easy to install and won't break the bank. At Focal Point Products, our patented clip-on crown moulding offers high quality and enhanced durability. You can install beautiful foam crown moulding with licensed designs in just a few hours.

Ready to get started? Order your crown moulding kit today, and save even more with our free shipping on all orders!