If you want to install some beautiful architectural embellishments into your bathroom that can hold up well, trust Focal Point Products.  We have created a line of faux moulding kits that offer visually appealing aesthetics while using high-quality materials.

Why Are Focal Point Kits Good for Bathrooms?

Bathrooms don't need to be bare — you can use added layers to form cohesive ambiances.

You can paint our crown mouldings to match your bathroom's color scheme, and we manufacture them using a polyurethane that offers a professional look without sacrificing durability. While not as sturdy as wood, these mouldings provide better resistance to moisture and corrosion, which is necessary in a frequently wet place like the bathroom.

It's lightweight and comfortable to handle, and you can easily adjust the moulding strips to fit around vents by cutting them to size.

You can install the mouldings around the meeting points of the wall and ceiling, on the ceiling itself or on top of the cabinetry by using our patented, DIY-friendly installation kits. With the included components and a few standard tools, you can put up your bathroom moulding in a single afternoon.

You'll first need to screw in our Quick Clips™, which serve as the mounts for the moulding strips. You can configure them quickly once you space them out in the necessary increments, and they form a better hold on the pieces than adhesives. They also look better than nails, which other materials require through the face to keep them secure.

You can shield the exposed joints using our Moulding Mates™. They snap into place and cover a margin of up to 4", which reduces the need for precise measurements.

What Kits Do We Recommend?

Focal Point manufactures four kits that offer different designs and sizes to suit your appearances.

Most bathrooms benefit from smaller mouldings that don't take away attention from other decorative elements. If you need a narrow model, the "Acropolis" and the "Concord Dentil" products measure at 4 1/8. They also sport designs that fit in well with many common bathroom styles, including transitional and traditional.

Of course, we look to encompass the needs of all our customers. The larger mouldings, which measure at 6 1/4" and 6 1/2", can fit into multiple bathroom types as well, with the "Governor's Palace" and the "St. James" encompassing contemporary and classic styles.


If you need some guidance on what product will fit best for your situation, Focal Point can help you. Contact us today with any questions or buy your kit online now!