A rise in faux crown molding has led to more DIYers tackling those kinds of projects with increased frequency, but quite a few of the available options can leave a homeowner wanting more.

Many people often think of styrofoam as the material that insulates their coffee and protects their packages, but it has found a niche as a molding substrate. Many manufacturers have taken to using it in their products, but not all have it mastered quite like Focal Point Products.

What Is STYROFoam Crown Molding?

Styrofoam has come a long way since its inception, as many manufacturers have eliminated the notorious CFCs that damaged the environment.

Styrofoam moldings are affordable and lightweight, and the manufacturers can create them to feature some beautiful designs. You can paint them like wood without it looking out of place, and you can handle it quickly and install a lot of options with caulking and adhesives.

It resists warping and splintering like wood and MDF, and its natural properties resist moisture and other forms of decay.

That said, it is a softer material that can be prone to different kinds of damage. If you want to invest in styrofoam crown molding, you need to find a product that offers improved durability and unbeatable quality.  This is why Focal Point Products offers durable foam crown moldings made of high-density polyurethane.

Find the Best Faux Crown Moldings With Focal Point

Focal Point Products utilizes a durable polyurethane foam to stand out from other competitors, as our products consistently meet nearly every mark.

As an extremely high-quality substrate, our polyurethane will resist the typical dings and dents that plague a lot of other styrofoam crown moldings while in transit. At the same time, you can still cut, move and install our products with the same level of ease as other options.

You can choose from four different designs, as their appearances can fit into several different styles while feeling like they belong with the rest of the room.

Another area where our products significantly differ from competitors is the ease and reliability of installation. Rather than having to count on adhesives and the like, you can rely on our Quick Clips™ and Molding Mates™ to form the seamless system that emulates a professional's handiwork. Ultimately, this improved method will allow any DIYer to install our crown moldings within a single afternoon.

The Quick Clips™ components, which we design to make placement as simple as possible, require a few quick pulls of the drill trigger to get the mounting system up. You'll then need to cut the molding lengths to scale, and from there you can hang them on the clips and tap them into place. The Molding Mates™ cover up the gaps between each segment, including the corner pieces, so you don't even need to be super-precise with your measurements.

Find the best foam molding option on the market with Focal Point. Contact us today with any questions or buy your DIY molding kit online now!