Crown Moulding Pieces

The most vital piece of our kit is the polyurethane crown moulding pieces. These pieces of crown moulding work with all of the other components to cover the upper edge of your wall and ceiling and give a beautiful finished look.  All of the crown moulding pieces come in 78" sizes (or 6.5') and they can easily be cut to size to be used in any room of your house.  For these pieces, we generally recommend using a handsaw to cut them to your needed size.

The count of crown moulding pieces you receive varies based on the size of the kit.  Smaller room packages will come with 8 pieces of moulding, whereas the larger rooms will come with 12.
The individual moulding pieces are also available at home depot stores, along with the other components found in our online kits.  The crown moulding pieces can also be bought individually on Amazon, or a number of other online retailers.  If you plan on buying these moulding pieces and using them as the design intends, you will also need to purchase Quick Clips™ for your specific model of moulding.  You can miter these pieces and use caulking to keep them in place, however, we highly recommend the Moulding Mates™ and corner pieces to avoid the need for precision cuts, all while keeping a professional appearance on your home.

Questions About our Moulding Pieces?

If you have additional questions about the moulding pieces that are included in our crown moulding kits be sure to contact us online today, or use our live chat located in the bottom right-hand corner of the site to talk to a Focal Point representative.