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The most vital pieces of our moulding kits are the polyurethane crown moulding pieces. These pieces of crown moulding work with all of the other components to cover the upper edge of your wall and ceiling to give a beautiful finished look. All of the crown moulding pieces come in 78" (6.5' ) lengths. With a simple cut using a handsaw, these pieces may be cut to size to accommodate nearly any room specifications in your home or office!

The count of crown moulding pieces you receive varies based on the size of the kit.  Smaller room packages will come with 8 pieces of moulding, whereas the larger rooms will come with 12.  The polyurethane used for our mouldings is a high-density foam.  Our polyurethane crown mouldings easily clip to your wall and are available in 4 styles.

What Is Polyurethane?

First developed in 1937, with widespread use during WWII as a replacement for, then, expensive rubber, polyurethane has withstood the test of time and is still widely used today. Its long history has allowed us to see how long-lasting and flexible this material truly is. In fact, this material is around us every day, used in furniture, upholstery, insulation, soundproofing, car parts, composite wood panels, building applications and many more. It would be hard to imagine our lives without polyurethanes.

Made from diisocyanates, polyols and triisocyanates, polyurethane has several advantages over other plastics. It is very flexible for a variety of applications including durable foam moulding. Polyurethane is high-density and can be rigid or flexible, with an open cellular structure. Polyurethane is stronger than Styrofoam, which can be easily damaged, and yet it can be shaped and molded resulting in the most exquisite detail not found in other plastic mouldings.  The polyurethane crown moulding from Focal Point is considered a high-density foam.

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Why Choose Polyurethane Mouldings?

When you elect to buy polyurethane crown moulding, you enjoy many benefits of this type of product, including that they:

  • They're primed and ready to be installed: Many install our foam moudlings as-is, but they can easily be painted using a quality latex or oil-based paint, with spray paint, a brush or spray gun. You can even stain them so you always get the finish and color you want.
  • They offer you more choices: One of the benefits of polyurethane moulding is that the high-density foam allows you to enjoy highly detailed and unique designs that would be extremely difficult to obtain with other materials. You can choose from different looks and widths, so you can create the ambience you want. If you pay attention to detail and want moulding that is beautiful and innovative, polyurethane crown moulding may be right for you.
  • They give you a professional, finished look: Since you can paint them any way you want and since the mouldings allow you to enjoy that perfect fit, your mouldings look like they were professionally installed, even when they’re a DIY project. With traditional moulding, you may need precise cuts or could even need to hire a professional. But Polyurethane moulding with Moulding Mates™ lets you install like a pro, and the precise detail of the mouldings gives any room that high-end look. Since you don't have to use adhesives or nails on the moulding, you won't have to worry about tell-tale touch-ups, holes, paint or glue drips and other unsightly "oops" moments. These mouldings install quickly and cleanly.
  • They're durable: These mouldings are resistant to moisture, rot and termites, allowing you to enjoy them for longer with less hassle. Unlike other materials, you don't have to worry about maintenance or painting over mold or mildew. Your moulding stays looking new for a long time, giving your property that timelessly elegant look.
  • They're compatible with Moulding Mates™, allowing you to avoid tough miter cuts on corners and connections: Moulding Mates™ corners can be used with the Quick Clips™ system or the miter-free corner pieces. They eliminate the need for exact cuts, and the snap-on installation allows anyone to get picture-perfect mouldings easily and quickly. You can also use caulking to keep the moulding in place, if you prefer, or if you want to close the gap in situations where houses are not angled with precision.
  • They do not require extensive experience or special tools: You can easily cut through the Polyurethane with a table saw, hand saw or even by scoring the pieces. You won't need to use nails to attach the moulding to the wall. You also don't have to worry about mitering, finding the studs in every wall or making precise cuts. These mouldings are designed with a DIY installation in mind.

How to Install Polyurethane Crown Moulding With Clips

Polyurethane Foam Crown Moulding Process For Installing Infographic

One of the most significant benefits of our Polyurethane mouldings is that you can install them yourself, and the process is much simpler than you might realize. Focal Point makes it even easier with Quick Clips™. You can paint or stain the moulding, and as it dries, simply install the four (or more) corner stem pieces. Then, install a Quick Clips™ at the wall's midpoint and repeat at approximately 10 to 12-inch intervals on each wall. There’s no need to find the wall studs.

Finally, cut the moulding to the right size and snap them on. Snap the decorative corners and connectors in place and start enjoying your beautiful new room. It really is that simple. You don’t need special tools, experience with home renovation projects or any level of expertise.

Once you’re done, there are no nail holes to fill and no need to touch up walls. There’s no need for adhesives. Even if you don’t know what scarf cuts, coping or mitring is, you can still place this beautiful Focal Point moulding yourself and get a professional-looking installation, and fast. If you want to save on labor and installation costs, this moulding option may be a great fit for your needs.  Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to install Focal Point crown mouldings.

How Does the dense foam Stack up to other crown moulding Options?

Focal Point Polyurethane mouldings are a wonderful alternative to:

  • Wood crown mouldingsThis type of traditional moulding is classic, but it is more expensive than Polyurethane and requires professional installation. The level of detail possible with Polyurethane is not possible with wood, and wood moulding requires multiple special tools to install. It even requires you to look for the studs in every wall.
  • Rubber crown mouldings: These mouldings are traditionally marketed for hard-to-fit rooms, but since Polyurethane is a type of artificial rubber and part of the family of elastomers, it can be flexible enough for just about any room. It is also generally available in more beautiful and diverse types of styles than rubber.
  • Styrofoam crown moulding: Quite simply, Styrofoam does not last. It dings easily and can be easily damaged. Painting Styrofoam also does not always create the finish and effect you want. Polyurethane is a more durable foam.  It's much more dense than styrofoam, which significantly reduces the chances it becomes damaged.
  • Peel and stick crown moulding: This type of moulding simply does not look professional. It’s easy to have crooked mouldings or mouldings that just look cheap. Even worse, peel and stick products can fall off the walls easily unless you nail them down.  If you check amazon and read through the reviews on peel and stick products, it seems most purchasers have a negative experience with them.
  • Plastic crown moulding: Plastic moulding is not very flexible, which can make it harder to install when compared with Polyurethane. We do make plastic crown moulding accessories, however, the moulding pieces need to have some flexibility, which is why we don't use this material for our mouldings.
  • Plaster moulding: Plaster was traditionally used in mouldings centuries ago, but this material requires professional installation and is far more expensive than Polyurethane.

Where to Buy Focal Point Polyurethane Mouldings

Focal Point Polyurethane mouldings are available online at the Focal Point website, where you can buy them in kits which include Quick Clips™ for clip-on installation process, as well as clip-on moulding corners and connectors to help you create a polished and professional look, even if this is your first attempt at installing moulding.

Focal Point Polyurethane mouldings can also be found at some Home Depot Stores and online at homedepot.com and Amazon.com.

Our kits come in a variety of styles and can accommodate rooms of up to 13’x13’, 13’x20’ and 20’x20’. We also help you add moulding to rooms with outside corners when ordering a corner kit. Our mouldings can work with classical or contemporary décor, and you can choose widths of 4 ⅛” to 6 ½”. With many options plus fully customizable and ready-to-paint mouldings, you’re ready to make any room more beautiful in just a short time!  Find the perfect style for your home below!