plastic crown molding

We've heard all the tired tropes that take jabs at the quality of plastic across multiple industries.

It's true that some products might not live up to the standards for high quality, but plastic can take shape as ornate, convincing decorative elements within your home. One of those most notable embellishments is crown molding, as better plastics like polyurethane can make for some impressive, affordable alternatives to other well-known materials like plaster and solid wood.

What Is Plastic Crown Molding?

Through the progression of the 20th century, plenty of homeowners saw the attention-grabbing qualities of crown molding, which had been around for centuries, and decided to bring that look into their houses. Wood and plaster, however, were quite expensive and labor-intensive. These qualities either turned people off or pushed them to look for alternatives.

Since then, we've seen the rise of durable foam, PVC, MDF, polystyrene and, of course, plastic. These choices all have their unique characteristics, good and bad, that make them appealing to different parts of society. That said, better plastics, like polyurethane, enable the user to experience a rare combination of exceptional looks, affordable pricing and simplified installation.

Plastic is easy to mold and mass produce, meaning you can get moldings in a vast range of looks and styles without the pricey hassle of made-to-order materials like plaster. It's typically easy to paint, which increases its flexibility.

Polyurethane is a very durable material, but it can be prone to denting during installation if you're not careful. It's far from weak and it mills cleanly like wood without the same vulnerability to moisture, insects and rot.

Focal Point Creates High-Quality Plastic Molding Alternatives

Realize your vision in a single afternoon with one of Focal Point's faux crown molding kits.

The high-quality polyurethane sections — available in four diverse styles — are easy to handle and customize, and patented installation system streamline the entire process. As opposed to a carpenter's shed full of specialized items, you'll need just a few common tools like a drill, tape measure and pencil. Instead of worrying about excessive costs going over budget and frustrations cresting the limits of your patience, your Focal Point kit will produce a beautiful set of embellishments that mimic those other highly regarded materials.

The process begins with placing the Quick Clips™ mounting system around your selected room. Start with the corner piece, which requires two screws, and then work your way around the perimeter in even increments with the other clips, which call for one self-drilling screw each. After you prepare the molding sections, you can then secure them onto the clips with a few swift taps of your fist.

There will be gaps in between the polyurethane lengths, but your included Molding Mates™ will cover spaces up to 4 inches wide, thus creating a smooth flow throughout the room. No mitering required!

If you're interested in one of the kits, contact us today to learn more about what we offer or order your molding kit online now.