What is crown molding?

Crown molding, or molding, is an ornamental trim, typically installed at the angle between the wall and ceiling. Learn more here.

What is the best material for crown molding?

While there are many types of crown molding available, our molded polyurethane manufacturing process allows for consistency from piece to piece with the intricate detail of plaster or carved wood but without splintering or separating. Learn more here.

How much does it cost to add crown molding to a room?

Installation labor can run upwards of $600 per room, plus materials.  Our kits start at just $219 and with a little sweat equity, you can install crown for a fraction of that.

What's included in the Focal Point crown molding kit?

All room kits include crown, Molding Mate™ connectors and inside corners, Quick Clips™, screws and even a drill bit! (number of crown and connectors varies by room kit size)

Do your products need to be painted?

Our factory-primed products have a durable matte finish which requires no sanding or finishing and can be installed as is, or may be painted for a customized look.

Is it necessary to apply caulk to crown molding?

No, our kits do not require caulk.  However, you may find a small bead does result in a professional finish and helps to hide gaps created by out of plum walls. Learn more here.

How do I measure a room for crown molding?

Measuring for our crown molding kits is simple: measure each of the four wall lengths and order the appropriate "up to" room kit size.  For traditional molding you will need to measure the length of each wall to determine total linear footage, making sure to factor in extra for corners and mistakes.

My room is smaller/larger than the kit sizes, do I need to order any additional pieces?

Simply select the appropriate “up to” room measurements and we will include all the necessary pieces you will need to fit the selected size.  If you have a bump-out or additional corners in your space, please add a corner kit(s).

My room has a bump out feature, do I need to order additional pieces?

Yes, you will need to purchase a corner kit which includes both an inside and an outside corner piece, and one length of molding.

Will I need to miter joints?

With the Molding Mates™ technology joints do not have to be mitered. In fact, Molding Mates™ allow for up to a 3” margin of error with most styles - ideal for the novice installer.

How do I cut crown molding corners?

Traditional installation methods require creating compound angles with a coped or mitered joint.  This requires special tools and some knowledge of how to use the tools.  Our crown molding kits are easily installed without expensive equipment or previous experience.

I have corners that are not 90 degrees, will I need to miter them?

Our corner pieces fit 90 degree corners. If you have a corner greater than or smaller than 90 degrees you will need to miter the crown pieces to fit.

Do you offer coordinating accessories to compliment your crown molding kits?

Yes! Our full collection includes ceiling medallions, panel/picture molding, matching shelves, and more.  Check out More Products for additional information or click here for the complete Focal Point Products catalog.

When will I receive my order?

We typically process and ship orders within two business days.

Does Focal Point warranty its products?

Focal Point Products warrants its products to be free of any defects in material or craftsmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, improper handling, faulty installation, or normal wear and tear. The company’s liability is limited to replacement of product found to be defective and does not include labor, transportation cost, damage or other expenses of any kind incurred in connection with the purchase or use of these Focal Point products.

What is your return policy?

Most orders are eligible for return or exchange within 45 days from date of purchase.  Please contact us right away if any part of your order was received damaged or defective and we will send replacements immediately.   Orders returned for reasons other than a manufacturer defect, or shipping damage are subject to a 15% restocking fee and return shipping charges.   No orders are eligible for a refund after 45 days from date of purchase. Please contact customer service for additional details.