crown molding corner pieces

Crown moulding adds a distinctive, aesthetically exciting element to a room's walls and ceiling. The corner detail can draw the attention of anyone walking into that room. But without properly fitted corners, your moulding job will look sloppy, resulting in a visual eyesore. That said, any amount of research on traditional crown moulding installation will likely turn up similar results: making corners fit tightly at 90 degree angles is intensive and precise work, with little to no tolerance for error.

Focal Point Products has manufactured polyurethane crown mouldings for decades now, and we've also created a solution that streamlines installation and cuts down on frustration for DIYers.  You can install our Moulding Mates™ corner pieces, which easily clip-on with our Quick Clips™ system. Beginner DIYers and skilled professionals alike agree that our inside and outside corners can make any crown moulding project easier to accomplish.  All of our crown moulding kits include clip-on inside corner pieces.  See just how easy crown moulding can be to install in the video below!

What Are Our Corner Pieces used for?

Our patented crown moulding corners are used to offer a miter-free, snap on installation of crown moulding.  With numerous profiles of crown moulding available, Focal Point offers Moulding Mates™ corners that contour perfectly with each style of crown moulding offered in our kits. The corners cover the moulding ends, eliminating the need for precise angles and clean cuts.  Our corner pieces fit on inside or outside corners that are at 90-degree angles. With each crown moulding kit we offer, 4 inside corner pieces will be included, and you can add clip-on outside corner pieces for any rooms that needs them.

If outside corners are needed for your installation, you can purchase them by ordering a "corner kit".  Each corner kit has an outside corner, an additional inside corner, and a piece of crown moulding of the style you are purchasing.  Order your crown moulding with corners now. Choose the style you like below!


The corner pieces included with our kits feature our Quick Clip™ system. You'll first need to secure a corner clip at one of the room's corners, which requires just two screws. From there, you can measure out the rest of the Quick Clips™, install the moulding, and connectors. The corner blocks come last, and you'll need to position them over the clips and drive them upward to snap them in, completing the connection.

To learn more about how simple our corner pieces are to install, simply watch the quick video below.  The corner pieces simply snap into place in mere seconds, even with no prior installation experience of our kits.  If you aren't a fan of the look of the clip on corners, we also offer inside corner blocks and miter-free outside corners that can be used as a substitute.

Benefits of The Clip-on corners

Focal Point's crown moulding corners outperform other pre-formed options on the market for multiple reasons.  Above all, you don't need to complete compound miters to achieve perfect angles on your installation.  You also will not need to cope any of the pieces. The corner pieces will fit tightly, with no measuring of the angles and no complex cuts of the moulding pieces.

Mitering inside and outside corners is complicated, and it typically demands skill, time and equipment. Many DIYers and homeowners don't own air tools, such as a compressor and nail gun, and they don't own a miter saw, which makes our kits even more ideal.  All you'll need is a few hand tools and a screw gun.

Another attractive benefit of the clip system is that it cuts out the need for nails and screws, which you would need to drive directly through the face of the corner block to secure it. This method is unsightly and hard to cover up, and adhesives can lose their strength over time. Our clips provide the ideal middle ground.

You also won't need to be too concerned about making perfect cuts — a common demand of traditional installation procedures. Our corner components snap over the moulding, not next to it. This subtle feature will hide up to half an inch of moulding at the end of your pieces.

All in all, you'll complete your project faster than if you adhered to more complicated options that require mitering and other detail work.

Contact Focal Point to Inquire About Our Crown Moulding Corner Pieces

No more coping or measuring angles when you install crown moulding. Purchase a kits that include the corner pieces and make your installation quick, easy and stress-free. Contact us today with any questions and view our kits below to get started with Focal Point!