Focal Point's crown molding kits serve as a great alternative to a number of other types of crown moldings. Our kits feature everything needed for a DIYer to successfully install crown molding in their home. They also give the appearance of a professional molding job, without having to pay a professional for their labor.  If you're considering another type of crown molding, read how our product compares in the articles below!

Why Alternatives to Traditional Moulding Are a Must

What makes alternatives to wood crown moulding so important? There’s one problem with traditional crown moulding: it can be prohibitively expensive for many homeowners. You end up spending a bundle on purchasing the crown moulding materials and sometimes more for the professional installation.

Yes, you can try to save a few bucks on traditional crown moulding by finding cheaper product or attempting self-installation. But you often get what you pay for — a non-durable, unattractive product that never looks quite right in your home. And, let's be honest, it’s incredibly difficult for a novice to properly install traditional crown moulding without making first-time mistakes.

At Focal Point Products, we offer an alternative to traditional wood or plaster crown moulding that solves both issues. With our do-it-yourself crown moulding kits, you enjoy:

With Focal Point alternatives to crown moulding, you get a high-quality, affordable and easy-to-install product.

And here’s the best part: our alternative crown moulding looks the same, of not better than traditional crown moulding! You achieve the exact look and feel you want at a lower price point and with greater convenience.

Discover Innovative Alternatives at Focal Point

You’ll find the best alternatives to crown moulding at Focal Point Products. You can install our patented Quick Clip clip-on moulding in a single room in just a few hours. Over the course of a weekend, install crown moulding throughout your house — no tools and no experience required.

After installation, our crown moulding is durable against any wear and tear, and can be painted as your home’s décor changes through the years. We even provide a one-year warranty from the date of purchase to further protect your investment.

At Focal Point Products, you receive the best value for your money and get free shipping on all orders. If you’ve considered alternatives to crown moulding, order now and your product will arrive in a matter of days. You can start moulding specific rooms or your entire house in no time!

Order Your Crown Moulding Kit Today

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