Faux crown molding has become increasingly popular among homeowners, as it can offer the beauty of the genuine article while remaining much more affordable and required lengths to install for DIYers.

Peel and stick molding might be the most accessible option on the market, but you should carefully consider the alternatives before deciding on this option.

What Is Peel and Stick Molding?

Many home goods producers have taken to creating peel and stick options, as they serve as perhaps the cheapest way to have crown molding in your home.

Typically consisting of a thin plastic exterior with an adhesive back, you can even cut some options with scissors. All you need to do is measure out the required lengths for your room, cut down the moldings, peel off the cover on the back and press them on to the desired spot.

Not only is it a cheap way to provide an added embellishment to your house, but it's supremely quick. Other than a cutting tool and a measuring device, you don't need any other means to get these products up on the wall.

Why Peel and Stick Might Not Be Right for You

Peel and stick options are cheap and easy, but that doesn't speak much to their overall quality.

Unlike sturdier moldings, like high-density foam, the thin plastic should make you call the long-term durability into question. The included adhesives might not also hold their strength well over time, which can cause uneven panels and even detachments. And if you're looking for a beautiful- or professional-looking aesthetic, these are likely the least convincing option around.

The styles are typically basic, and the overall look can leave a lot to be desired.

The ideal Peal and Stick Molding alternative

If you want a significant upgrade over those lacking peel-and-stick moldings while making very few compromises on cost and ease of installation, Focal Point's line of polyurethane crown molding kits is the best option for you.

Polyurethane moldings offer increased durability and a close resemblance to wood, and they come in multiple designs that allow them to cover a range of styles. You're free to paint them as you like, as they can hold paint well.

While not quite as fast as the peel and stick options, you can still install our crown moldings in a single afternoon with minimal difficulties. First, you can install the Quick Clips™ on the walls while the molding coatings dry. These components all screw in quickly, and their design helps to set them flush with the wall and ceiling. Then you'll need to cut your molding pieces to the proper length and attach them to the mounts, which takes all but a few gentle taps of your fist to lock the system into place.

You can then install the Molding Mates™ over the exposed joints to create a seamless flow throughout the room.

If you want to do better than some peel-and-stick moldings, try out the crown moldings from Focal Point Products. Contact us today with any questions or buy your molding online now!