rubber crown

Creating a cohesive ambiance in a room often requires crown molding, which serves as a vital union between the ceiling and the wall.

Some situations require more flexibility, which has led to the rise of rubber, or flex, molding. However, you'll want to consider all of the factors before going forward with this particular option.

What Is Rubber Molding?

This option utilizes conventional rubber to improve its elasticity while remaining lightweight and easily workable. If you want to contour your molding around curved windows or circular rooms, this choice is the only raised molding that isn't wallpaper or paint.

It's also cheaper than a lot of other alternative moldings, which can make it even more appealing to DIYers looking to place these architectural embellishments in their homes.

Why Rubber Molding Might Not Be Ideal for You

The price and flexibility might be appealing, but rubber moldings fail to hold up to multiple standards in the long term.

It might be easy to handle and prep, but rubber is not the most durable material, as you can rip, nick, scrape and dent it if you're not careful. Its natural sheen and texture also make it look unprofessional when compared to other materials.

Additionally, rubber doesn't always hold adhesives and caulking well, which can result in peeling and detaching later on. It's likely you'll need to drive nails through the face of the rubber molding to keep it in place, which further depreciates its overall appearance. Having to perform that action increases the chances of damaging the product, too.

the Best Rubber Molding Alternative Around

If you want to install crown moldings in a traditional square or rectangular room, Focal Point produces faux crown molding that offers the best blend of accessibility, quality and appearance.

Instead of an unreliable material like rubber, we implement polyurethane in our designs. Polyurethane is much more durable, yet it remains easy to move, cut and place. It also closely emulates the look of classic solid wood. It's affordable, and the molding strips come with a kit that makes installation a single-afternoon job.

We carry four different designs, each of which fit in several different styles so you can flawlessly integrate them into your home. First, you'll need to install the Quick Clips™ on the walls, as they'll serve as the sturdy mounts for the molding strips. Afterward, you'll need to cut the moldings to the necessary length, hang and lightly tap them onto the clips, and then cover the gaps with our Molding Mates™ to create that professional look you've always dreamed of.

Don't settle for some cheap rubber option when you can do better. Contact us today with any questions or buy your kit online now!