flat ceilings

If you think that the upper parts of your home's rooms feel empty or dull, you can change that.

Focal Point manufactures high-quality, DIY crown moldings for homeowners that want to add some appeal to those flat ceilings. We offer 4 styles of DIY molding that is designed to work with flat ceilings. Click below to learn more.

Why Are Focal Point Kits Great for Flat Ceilings?

Since the 1970s, we've designed our products to benefit traditional rooms with flat ceilings. Our systems flourish in areas with 90-degree angles, and the patented installation kits allow you to tackle DIY jobs in a single afternoon with little-to-no difficulty.

Unlike wood and plaster, which are notoriously difficult to work with, you can cut our polyurethane with ease when creating the appropriate molding lengths. It might not be quite as durable as wood, but the material we use can withstand far more punishment than other foam products on the market. Additionally, polyurethane is much more resistant to moisture and corrosion, giving it better longevity.

For installation, our moldings rely on Quick Clips™ and Molding Mates™ to eliminate annoying mitering and painstaking measurements from your project. The clips install with one screw, two for the corner pieces, and they firmly hold pieces in place with a few quick taps of your hand. These handy mounts produce better bonds than adhesives, and they also eliminate the need for ugly nails you must drive through the face of other materials.

When you're ready to cover those exposed junction points, you can clip on the Molding Mates™ around the room. These components can conceal a margin of up to 4", which is why you can sidestep the mitering process that plagues wood and plaster molding projects.

To top it off, you can paint our moldings any color, ensuring their match the rest of your space.

What Kits Do We Recommend For Flat Ceilings?

You can select between four different molding kits we offer.

It all boils down to personal preference, but it's a commonly accepted belief that the molding's width should remain proportional to the size of the room. Contrast can be good, but inconsistent sizes can result in the embellishments overpowering other elements in the room.

Two products — the "Acropolis" and the "Concord Dentil" — sit at 4 1/8", making them suited for smaller rooms. Additionally, these models utilize more ornate designs to provide eye-catching features for people who focus on character.

If you're looking for "bigger is better," you'll find it in our "St. James" and "Governor's Palace" models, which measure at 6 1/4" and 6 1/2", respectively. These options focus less on showmanship and more on subtlety thanks to their tasteful lines and low-profile appearance.


If you want to improve the synergy between your room's walls and its flat ceiling, we're the company to trust. Contact us today with any questions or buy your kit online now!