As much as technology continues to evolve, we still have to deal with the wires and cables that make it all function.

Between TVs, cable boxes, soundbars, video game consoles and whatever else might populate your entertainment center, you're likely cultivating a wire jungle that presents organizational, aesthetic and possibly even safety problems. That said, there are DIY solutions you can explore, and one of them happens to be crown molding.

Why Use Molding to Hide Cables?

Sleeves, channels and wire ties all help with organization, but they don't do much to hide that ugly bundle of electronics unless you shove it behind furniture or the wall.

Crown molding, while sometimes still thought of as fancy and upper class, is an embellishment that has grown increasingly popular in homes since alternatives have arisen throughout the years. Instead of investing thousands of dollars into solid wood and plaster, you can find DIY options online or even at big box hardware stores like Home Depot.

These solutions are hollow but sturdy, and a little bit of ingenuity could make them a convenient wire management solution within your house. By undertaking this project, you'll keep wires intact, yet concealed, inside of an appealing feature that enhances the look of your entire room.

It's the ultimate two-birds-one-stone alternative that anyone can install with the help of just a few common tools.

What Makes our Crown Molding Kits Ideal for Hiding Wires?

Focal Point Products has developed and manufactured faux crown molding for a long time, as we're one of the premier names in the industry.

Our moldings, which consist of polyurethane, are both durable and workable. You can cut and drill them to your specifications, which makes it simple to feed the wires in and out at any point.

We carefully design them to match the look of traditional materials, and you can select from four different styles and sizes to synch up with the ambiance of your chosen room. They're primed and ready to paint, too, giving you the ability to customize them as desired.

When you order one of our kits online, you will receive an entire installation set that includes the molding sections and related components. You'll use our Quick Clips™ and Molding Mates™ to complete the job, which should take no more than a single afternoon with the right approach.

The Quick Clips™ mount system entails spacing out the components in even increments and then attaching them to the wall via a single screw each. The clips form a channel that you can feed the wires and cables through before placing the molding segments.

Installing the segments calls for a few quick taps of your fist to secure them on the clips. This installation method's convenience is unparalleled, and it trumps other options that require nails through the face — a procedure that can wreck your wires if you're not precise. Speaking of precision, the Molding Mates™ cover the gaps between moulding lengths up to a margin of 4 inches. With less-strict requirements to follow, you can take a more relaxed approach.

If you want to eliminate your home theater's wire troubles once and for all, contact us today to order your crown molding kit.