brick walls

Exposed brick walls and related features exude a great deal of character and charm, but you can further enhance that look with the right touch of detail.

You can find the best compromise between quality and accessibility with Focal Point Products, as we offer faux crown moldings that deliver on your needs.


Adding tasteful layers to your room can bring an excellent visual appeal, which is what crown moldings deliver. The transition between brick and an average ceiling can be jarring, but molding can serve as a cohesive connection between the two.

Our naturally white products add a pleasing contrast to the brick, but black and other colors will also do the job. You can be the judge, as you can paint our polyurethane moldings with no trouble at all. That same material holds up well durability-wise, and its look can easily match traditional wood and plaster.

While it's susceptible to extreme temperatures, you can install our moldings on the cooler parts of your fireplace to increase its level of sophistication.


While crown molding can produce a unique look in conjunction with brick, installing our kits into this medium will take some extra effort when compared to typical drywall and wood applications.

Brick is naturally tough, and it can be difficult to drive screws in at an acceptable depth. If they're too shallow, the screws will stick out noticeably, and the Quick Clips™ will not hold over time. You'll also need to line up the clips so they don't align over the brick's mortar, which is vulnerable to crumbling when it experiences stress.

That said, you can circumvent any issues with a few upgrades. Most conventional power drills lack the strength to bite into brick efficiently, and trying will take up precious time and possibly burn out the motor. Instead, check with your friends and family to see if they have a stronger drill that can handle the task. You could also take a trip to a nearby rental center and borrow one.

Once that's done, you could add extra reinforcement by drilling a pilot hole and installing a wall anchor, which will add extra security for the screw that you use. Each clip requires only one screw, so these few added steps will not significantly prolong your project.

What if you don't want to ruin the facade of the brick by drilling holes? It's understandable that you want to keep the brick as pristine as possible, and you can easily find the fix at your local hardware store. Construction-grade adhesive is an epoxy that can bond to brick, concrete, marble and many other hard surfaces. You can place it on the back of the clips and stick it right on. Just double-check your measurements and make sure each component remains flush with the wall and ceiling.

You will also need to check how the clips sit at the meeting point between the ceiling and brick. Drywall is often perfectly square, which makes installation easy, but brick is less than ideal and can create angles that sit slightly off. Check for this scenario carefully before moving forward, as it would require alterations to the moldings.

When you measure the distance between clips and fasten them to the wall, you can place the polyurethane foam molding pieces on and gently knock them into place. You'll then use the Molding Mates™ to conceal the exposed gaps between the pieces. The snaps cover a margin of up to 4 inches, meaning you won't have to worry about having pinpoint precision when making cuts.

What Kits Do We Recommend?

Focal Point Products sells four kits that stand out with different characteristics.

You'll find various sizes that you can use to remain proportional to the room as a whole. Some people prefer the idea of having smaller moldings for smaller rooms and larger moldings for large rooms. If you believe in the latter ideology, we have two products — the "Acropolis" and the "Concord Dentil" — that measure at 4 1/8". These two options also match up well with people want more embellishment out of their moldings, as they use ornamental design elements.

The larger options include the "St. James" and the "Governor's Palace," which come in at 6 1/4" and 6 1/2", respectively. With clean lines and minimalistic design, both of these choices fit in with people who prefer simple elegance. These options also work well because they don't distract too much from the natural beauty of the brick.

If your brick wall needs some crown molding to help it pop, we'll assist you. Contact us today with any questions or buy your kit online now!