You’ve heard the horror stories. You’ve seen the harried looks on your coworkers’ faces as they’ve waited for their contractor to finish a remodeling job at their home. You’ve witnessed the results of remodels and been left wondering what the point of the project really was.

Despite all this, you still decided to undertake a remodeling project of your own. No matter how big or small your upcoming project might be, it’s going to interrupt your daily routine — at least for a little while.

People you don’t know well will be working in your home. You may not be able to use certain areas of your residence. Materials may arrive later than expected and force you to postpone your anticipated completion date. Coordinating the schedules of all the tradespeople working on your remodel may be more challenging than you thought. And those are just a few of the things that might make a remodeling project stressful.

Keep a Dedicated Project Notebook

Luckily, you can find a lot of remodeling tips that can reduce or eliminate the stress that’s too often involved with projects done on the home front. One of the best tips you’ll discover is to maintain a dedicated project notebook. While this tip may seem a bit old school, that only proves that it has the staying power of a useful piece of advice.

By maintaining a dedicated project notebook, you’ll ensure you have all your quotes, schedules, notes and sketches in one place. Having all of this information on hand in one convenient binder will help you ensure your project will remain on schedule and yield the results you originally hoped for.

Prepare for the Unexpected

While it would be convenient if every remodeling project went exactly as planned, many don’t. If you want your project to be stress-free, it is vital for you to prepare for the unexpected. Don’t waste time trying to figure out how you’ll respond to everything that can possibly go wrong with your project. Instead, create a contingency fund that includes at least the equivalent of 10 to 20% of the overall cost of your remodel.

Having a contingency fund at your disposal will make it affordable for you to react to anything and everything that might go awry during your remodeling project. If you don’t have to dip into your emergency fund, you can use the money for a well-deserved vacation after your project is done, or you can save it for future home updates.

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