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Whether you want to renovate your entire house or a corner of the bedroom, DIY projects can save you money. However, some DIY endeavors can end up costing you more than you estimated or end up putting you in danger. We recommend avoiding these five DIY projects and letting a professional handle it.

1. Flooring and Wall Replacements

Your walls and floors set the tone for the rest of the room. While most DIYers can handle superficial changes such as throw rugs and wallpaper, more permanent adjustments need additional experience. While removing or replacing existing flooring or walls may seem straightforward, they have many structural factors to consider, especially when the person before you also didn't have the right expertise. While hiring a professional might be more expensive than your DIY plans, the reassurance that they can do the job right the first time is well worth the investment.

2. Major Plumbing Projects

You or another DIYer can change a shower head or clear a clogged drain. However, when you need to dismantle or move pipes, only a trained plumber understands how these complicated systems work. By attempting a major plumbing project, it is very likely you could cause damage that costs much more than the original charge. Plus, some fixes can become dangerous for someone without the right experience. In some areas, you also need a permit to make plumbing changes, which a plumber would already have.

3. Roof Repairs and Renovations

Attempting to complete roof work by yourself can cause harm to yourself or your home. What seems like minor damage can turn out to involve structural issues that require expertise. Also, professional roofers have the equipment needed to perform repairs at any height. While your roofer fixes the problem using industry practices, you can have peace of mind knowing everyone will stay safe.

4. Wiring and Electrical Work

When you need to adjust the wiring in your home, a professional makes the process safe and straightforward. Besides the safety issues associated with DIY wiring, you will need to acquire a permit in many cases. These permits ensure you follow local code when making your desired changes. The paperwork associated with electrical projects can become complicated without the help of a professional who understands the required steps.

5. Structural Changes

Considering DIYing an addition? Adding a new room, deck or sunroom requires the same care as a building a brand new structure. When you work with an old home, you may have even more considerations to take into account. Your house could have structural wear or mistakes made by a previous owner that a professional should address. Like plumbing or electrical changes, additions and other architectural projects may also need a permit to complete.

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